…From  the meadow. A glowing fairy tale inspired on the life and work of György Ligeti, performed by Usine à Neige.

Usine à Neige pays tribute to the life and music of the Hungarian composer György Ligeti. In this fairy tale a hare tries to escape from an environment where danger lurks behind every corner. Discovering, experimenting and living out your fantasy are central themes in this new music theatre piece.

From the Meadow is played by a pianist, a painter, a video artist, a hare (performer) and a children’s choir. This sensory, visual and playful performance of approximately one hour contains no text and is suitable for children from the age of 6.

In seven scenes we see a hare mysteriously appearing and disappearing. His world is designed by an artist who paints landscapes on scene. In these landscapes the hare discovers children playing games and singing songs. Curiously he tries to understand their playful games and songs. The children however sing in a mysterious language and run around in ever changing landscapes. An innocent game of cat and mouse is played between the children and the hare: who’s is who and where does this game lead to? Slowly their innocent game evolves into a wild pursuit of the hare by a bunch of children. Video’s and  musical fragments of Ligeti’s work illustrate the urgency for the hare to find an escape. In the end both the hare and the children seem to have found a safe haven.

In this project we work with local children’s choirs. The children sing songs in a fantasy language, play some scenes and will be having a lot of fun.

The cooperation with a local choir not only gives each performance a unique character, it also brings local people in direct contact with modern music and the theatre.

Practical information

Duration: 60 minutes
Audience: age 6+,

Download the extensive information about the performance in English, German or Dutch.

For more information and bookings, please contact

Christel van Bree     +316 41 62 85 78 (business director)
Tjyying Liu +316 25 10 27 79 (artistic director)
Or email us

Crew Grasland

Creation: Letizia Renzini and Tjyying Liu
Direction: Letizia Renzini
Piano: Jeroen Malaise
Clarinet: Tjyying Liu
Live drawings and set: Mikel van Gelderen
Video: Mikel van Gelderen, Letizia Renzini and Lotte Stek
Costumes and photos: Lotte Stek
Light design: Peter Quasters
Hare: Tjyying Liu
Production: –

About Usine à Neige

International music theatre ensemble Usine à Neige started in 2017 and our mission is to introduce contemporary music* to young audiences and their families in an imaginative and visual way. By combining different arts and contemporary music in a theatrical environment, we develop a new, non-linguistical language suitable for international productions for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. With this visual and musical language we strive to search for new connections between actors, musicians, composers and the audience.

We believe that the repertoire of contemporary composers and their methods to create new compositions offers children more possibilities to freely experiment and express themselves creatively. An important feature of our work is to let children explore new music themselves. Prior to each new performance we conduct workshops with children and respond to their reactions by creating new material. Local participation enhances personal connections with work that we perform. Children are part of the process of making a new theatre show. Each time we carefully assess in what way this participatory element can be part of the performance, directly or indirectly.

*Our definition of contemporary music is all music composed after 1900.

Future projects

Usine à Neige promotes the work of contemporary composers to young audiences in the belief that modern compositions stimulate the fantasy of children and activate their ears. In our educational projects we show them how they can compose creatively without first having to have knowledge of musical notes. In 2019 we are creating a performance on Stockhausen and in 2020 we will perform the Ursonate by Kurt Schwitters in a set designed by architect students from Technical University Delft.